by Heather Jo Flores

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On Macabea, Heather Flores, whose vocals elicit comparisons to Sally Ellyson and Jolie Holland, weaves stories, images, and poems lovingly gathered throughout years of geographic, artistic, and intellectual exploration. The result is darkly stirring tapestry of Southern and Eastern European-tinged folk songs filtered through the mind of a wanderer and a visionary.


released January 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Heather Jo Flores Portland, Oregon

Heather Jo Flores combines her shy, sultry voice with strong melodies, flamenco guitar and gypsy rhythms to give her original songs the feeling of fairytales, spilling with lush musicianship, snappy wit and a whimsical, coquettish attitude toward love, life, and adventure. ... more

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Track Name: Dark Eyed Woman
I’m a dark eyed woman
You can find me in the lines of your hand
I’m just a dark eyed woman
I don’t need you to understand
That I’m a dark eyed woman
Looking for an old time man
Well you can see me waiting
I am looking to the sky for a sign
You can see me waiting
For an answer to this trouble in my mind
Well if the trouble don’t kill me
I will live a long long time
I hear a lonesome whistle
I’m counting feathers as the sky catches fire
There goes that lonesome whistle
I’m just waiting for that red bird to rise
Well if you see my lover
Won’t you tell him he is on my mind?
Track Name: The Bridge
maria loved her man
more than she loved herself
and when he didn’t love her back
her life became a hell
she went down to the bridge
she looked over the ledge
she raised her hands, began to pray
she said everybody dies someday
adam walked through the garden
his hands were made of stone
he said lord, i beg your pardon
please don’t leave me here alone
and you said baby,
those were the days
when we were young and so brave
i made so many mistakes
i made myself into a slave
oh where did you go?
now i have never been a believer
in things that i can’t see
but i never had a fever
like the one that you gave me
Track Name: North Dakota
it’s not that i’m blind
it’s just that i can’t see you
for my eyes are obscured by
my own point of view
i have traveled the world
with nothing to do
but to search for those stories
that will never be true
and repaint the town in every hue
you twisted my turnstile
you said you’d set me free
i’d like to pretend like
you understood me
but something you said
reminds me again
that you’re searching
but you’ll never see
and your prison is what you believe
but now we are sleeping
while the crocuses grow
i walk through the garden
with my childhood feet in the snow
i showed him my feathers
he put one in his cap
he saw the whole thing
as a minor mishap
one side of the story
or something like that
and with broken bones
he sent me home
he wouldn’t even answer the phone
but now we are sleeping
while the crocuses grow
he said there’s things
that i’m keeping, darlin’
but you, you’ve got to go
and out in north dakota
a hundred men died on a train
and the nights were so cold
there was nothing i could do
but i wish i could see you again
Track Name: Seraphim
i’m trying to find a way
to explain myself to you
i have fallen from grace
like i knew i would do
it takes a while to walk a mile
in my shoes
and i’ve been taking my time
running back to you
i could be your girl
if you were a different man
living in this world
i could never be your seraphim
i can’t find a way to
explain myself to you
i’ve been running around
like a monkey without a clue
i could stand in the face
of all my mama’s shame
like i knew i would do
again and again
i could be your girl
if you could rule my world
i’m spinning once again
and i will never be your seraphim
Track Name: Macabea
en la aldea era una niña
que comía sola todos los días
pero no sabía que estaba sola
dormía con las mantas frías
¿a dónde vas, macabea?
yo no te olvidaré
llévame contigo, macabea
yo no te dejaré
todas las niñas en el pueblo
esperan a que el que más brilla
duermen debajo de las mantas
demasiadas y hacen
su propia mantequilla
todos los perros en el callejón
ir con simpatia a aullar a la luna
pero las morenas y las gitanas
vagando sin fortuna
¿a dónde vas, macabea?
tu vida es mi fanal
¿cómo puedo saber, macabea?
nunca será tu igual
nunca podría ser tu igual
todos los gatos en la ciudad
tienen un tipo de camaradería
pero la mujer desesperada
que quiere lo que nunca podría
¿cuando te vayas, macabea?
voy a caminar contigo
abre tu boca, macabea
para chupar el ombligo
y contestar el ombligo

in the village was a girl
she ate alone every day
she didn't know she was alone
she slept under cold blankets
Where are you going, Macabea?
I will not forget
take me with you, Macabea
I will not leave you
all the girls in town
wait for the one that shines
they sleep under too many covers
and make their own butter
all the dogs in the alley
go with eachother to howl at the moon
but dark women and Gypsy girls
are wandering without fortune
Where are you going, Macabea?
Your life is my beacon
How I can know, Macabea?
I will never be like you
I could never be your equal
all the cats in the city
have a kind of comraderie
but the desperate woman
wants what never will be
wants a beautiful flower
When will you go, Macabea?
I will walk with you
Open your mouth Macabea
to chew on your source
and answer your source
Track Name: Paloma
i’ve got this tiger by the tail
i will try but for to fail
i must lift another veil
for the queen has grown
too frail to release me
my passion is too strong
i’m dying trying to belong
and you might thing it’s wrong
but when the white bird sings her song,
where will you be?
will you hear the voices ringing?
and my little heart does stray
i just might live another day
if i can only find a way
to stop the fraying of
the fabric of my mind
and i remember you quite well
i dig the stories that you tell
into the sea of you i fell
i shed my skin i broke my shell
but the bard has gone
to sell his song for freedom
and every day since you went away
i wake in the morning
with the sun in my eyes
i would come to you but
you never asked me to
so i will turn my face to the south
and keep traveling on
Track Name: Stranger
he only spoke spanish
with turquoise eyes
he whispered the rhythm and
i was hypnotized
but with the lilacs in bloom
he’s changing his tune
i could sing you a song
about a woman named true
she had so many children
she didn’t know what to do
her side of the story
is shadowed in blue
by the light of the silvery moon
am i wasting my time
like my time is wasting me?
does the mountain remember
the name of the sea?
am i only a stranger
with something to steal?
everyone is a slave
but what do you feel?
sixteen tons and what do you get?
just one day older
and deeper in debt
and i’d like to pretend
like we never had met
but the door to my fate stands ajar
Track Name: Solipsism
tell me where to go
through the wind and snow
five hundred years and more
i don’t know
take me by the hand
push me down and then
with your hand on my throat
and your heart in my mouth
won’t you tell me where to go?
why don’t you take me to the ocean
and feed me to the beast that lurks
beneath the murky waters
of your mind?
every master is a slave
and every monster was a baby once
and every day there is
another price to pay
but every pebble on the beach
was once a mountain in the sea
and there’s a fountain in the jungle
that will make you believe
so if you wake up in the dark
and i am gone, how will i know?
Track Name: La Locura
si hay los tigres entonces un eres
pero no soy esclava
a noche y naranjada
y si hay locura quiero convertirse
eres un meteorito que
quiero a montar
y si preocupaste entrega tus miedos
el amore es eterno
pero no somos nos
y asi locura dominarme
voleme a la luna
eres un cojete que quiero a montar
si encuentras el tigre
cuida de tu cabeza
porque el escucha todo
lo que pensamos
pero donde hay lucha,
hay esperanza
que corre como lobo por la lunallena

If there be tigers,
then you are one
But I am no slave
to the night and orange
and if there be lunacy,
I want to convert
for you are a meteor
That I want to ride
and if you get worried
surrender your fears
love is eternal, but we are not
and if lunacy rules me,
then fly me to the moon
for you are a rocket
that I want to ride
If you find the tiger
Protect your head
because he hears everything we think
but where there is struggle,
there is hope
that runs like a wolf in the full moon.
Track Name: Lucy
It was just about midnight
On the fourth day of july
When sweet little lucty
Blew her daddy sky high
The shots rang out
Like a warrior’s cry
And then only silence
As the old man died

Now big girls don’t cry
So don’t tell your ma
How I love my beautiful girl
So kiss him goodnight
And wash until you’re raw
And one day a new flag will unfurl

The lawmen went down
As the dim darkness grew
And word went around
About the truth everybody knew
But lucy and her ma
They knew it was all right
And they buried her pa
That very same night

Well Lucy was bold
And so justice was served
And her dear old daddy
Well he got what he deserved
But it aint always so
For this tale I tell
It happens every day
And perhaps you know it well